A Bedouin Dream. Short Film. Cinematographer.  Director Tom Johnson. 2023

Postpartum. Short Film. Cinematographer. Director Tania Notaro 2023

Glitterbug. Cinematographer. Short Film. Director Tania Notaro 2022

My Mini Me And Me.  Director of Photography. 12 x 1 hour time travel series shot on location in Singapore for MediaCorp and IFA Media.  Director Sam Loh.  Producers Frank Smith, Charlyn Ng, Douglas Lan. 2021

Dunhuang. Director/Director of Photography.  Ten Cent.  China.  InfocusAsia China.  2020

Neither Confirm Nor Deny.  Director of Photography - Drama Segment. New Sparta Films.  Director Philip Carter. 2021

Gentle.  Short Film.  Director of Photography. Joshua Greene, Director.  New Sparta Films.  2020

Girl Alone.  Short Film. Director of Photography. Keith Farrell, Director. Old Hall Pictures, Manchester. 2019

il Sub - Short Film.  Director/Cinematographer.  Litpixel Films.  Bangkok. 2018

Vikings - Season 6.  3 episodes. B Camera  (Owen McPolin - DoP) History Television. 2018

Traders - Feature 2nd Unit DP. Buckshee Films.  Rachel Moriarty and Peter Murphy Directors.  2016

Wrecking The Rising - 3 x 1hour TV Drama. TG4 Director of Photography.  Tile Films.  Director. Ruan Magan. 2015

Mum - Short.  Director of Photography.  Little Lambe Films., Manchester.  Anne Marie O Connor, Director.  2017

Rabbit Punch - Short. Director of Photography.  Old Hall Films.  Keith Farrell, Director. 2016

A Terrible Beauty – TG4. Director of Photography.  Tile Films. Keith Farrell, Director.
No Messages - Short. Director of Photography.  2013. Cian McGarrigle, Director.

Cuckoo - Web Series. Director of Photography. Zanzibar Films.  Danann Breathnach, Director. 1 episode.  Ep 1.


King of Clones - Feature  - Netflix.  Peddling Pictures.  Adi Thayi Director

Macau - National Geographic. Infocusasia. Director Vicki Lin

Unesco World Heritage 360 St Petersburg - National Geographic. InfocusAsia. Director Tuktaa Athasopa

Unesco World Heritage 360. Venice - National Geographic. Infocusasia. Director Kaylee Soh

Death or Canada - History Television. Director of Photography.  Tile Media.  Director Ruan Magan

In Search of the Popes Children. - RTE.  Tyrone Productions.  IFTA winner.  Director Sarah Share.

The Ghosts of Duffys Cut. - History Television. Tile Films. Director Ruan Magan

A Bronx Tale - Showtime HBO.  Tyrone Productions.  Director Joanne McGrath

Beyond the Berlin Wall - RTE.  Animo TV productions. Director Ruan Magan

The Irish of 9/11 - TV3.  Animo Tv Productions.  Director Maurice Sweeney

Batmen - TV3.  Motiv TV. Director Maurice Sweeney

American Dream - Alive or Dead.  Animo Television. RTE.  Director Ruan Magan

If I should fall from Grace – The Shane McGowan Story - TG4 Buena Vista. Emdee 2000 Films. Sarah Share Director