Dads nightmares

In this scene Job is woken by his Dad having a nightmare.   Given the violent nature of their relationship, it gives us some understanding of what made him how he is and also establishes that despite his abuse,   Job loves his father.  Director Keith Farrell wanted to highlight the abuse scars on Jobs body but without making it a big reveal or focussing too gratuitously on them.   I wanted to focus on one of Jobs eyes opening.  In rehearsal when Jordan tried to get out of the bed I noticed the light catching his back and how it highlighted the blood in his wounds.   So I just set the shot to stay static as Job awakens, turns and rises.  His natural momentum to lever himself from the bed brought his back down into shot again, and the camera caught a glimpse of his abuse.  It was much more subtle I felt than lingering on close ups.  Just a brief glimpse but all the more powerful for that.  Shot day for night.