Wrecking the Rising

This scene is so important to establish Earnest character.  The series is a time travel caper so the setting of the clock shop is perfect.  Earnest is on a journey where he must grow into becoming the leader of the Irish Rebellion.  A role that is a million miles from his demeanour in this scene.  Also important in later events is Earnests attention to detail and ability with picking locks.   We got the camera close up on Earnest face and tried to show how boxed in and small his world is.  I used mostly wide lenses in close to make it a little claustrophobic, while keeping as much of the lovely background detail as possible.  The photos of JFK and Padraig Pearse look down on him.  His domineering mother sits behind him as he works.  Even framed small in the background in her chair she holds all the power in the situation.  It tells us a lot about Earnest,  that he is so subservient to someone who we deliberately placed lower than him in the frame.  And at the end he is seen contained inside the mirror frame, with his implements, and unable to tell his mother in a loud voice that he has in fact failed again.  An unusual shoot as we were surrounded by very expensive antiques and apart from me with the camera all the rest of the crew had to stay outside for fear of breaking something.   We didnt,  all good.