Breathe was an interesting project.  Shot guerrilla style around the streets of Bangkok.   Directed by Phillip Berg.  At the moment I only have a low rez version of the footage but it gives a a good idea.  The motorcycle footage was filmed around chinatown and on one of Bangkoks main highways at 4am.  At that hour we pretty much had the run of the place.  We shot on Sony F3, 5D Mk11 and a go pro mounted on the motorcycle.  This is an early test shoot we did.   The building for the fight scene was a famous ghost apt building in Sathorn.  We just had to break in to use it.   The lower floors were inhabited by packs of wild dogs so that was interesting.  But once we made the upper floor we had great setting.  No lights needed.  It was just about using the interior and the buildings in the distance to backlight the characters.  

Traders was a feature starring John Bradley (Game of Thrones) and Killian Scott (Love/Hate) shot in 2015.  Directed by Peter Murphy.  The visual style had been set by Peter Robertson DP so on the days I shot it was about sticking to that.  Mostly handheld with minimal lighting.   And again a lot of abandoned buildings.  Seems to be a running theme for me.