Short film Shot on location in Manchester.   Shot on Sony F55 in 4K Raw with zeiss primes.  Director Anne Marie Lamb.  A story of 3 time periods in the life of Kate, a transgender woman dealing with the sort of family issues we all face.  Nostalgia and Sunlight was the brief.  I decided to net the lenses for the 70s scenes.   We had to dodge around the weather a bit but once it broke we got straight out and shot the park scene in quick time.  The netted lenses created a weird halo round the sun.    For me it just gave the scene a slightly surreal edge.  And evoked a sense of memory and time past.   Kate in the bathroom and kitchen is filtered with tiffin 1/4 black pro mist.  Its subtle but different enough I feel to take it away from the memories.  In the bathroom we specifically tried to create shots that emphasised Kates femininity.  Her make up routine is her space.  So we tried to make it voyeuristic.  Like we are getting a chance to peek into her private world while still trying to keep it intimate.