NBC - The Open

This was interesting.  NBC wanted to promo their coverage of The Open with something giving a sense of the history of the event.  So I was asked if I could do something with the notion of the original rules being written in a pub.   Using one light and a small smoke machine we managed to get a sequence of images that were perfect for what they needed.   Shot on Sony F5 using zeiss cine mod stills lenses.  It is all shot with a 50mm and and 85mm.  The final image is barely graded as what came out of camera had a lovely feel to it. A local historian came to help us with the wording and show us how to use an old quill.  As soon as he sat into the table to practise I started rolling.  He was so engrossed in what he was doing that everything felt correct and natural.  The street outside went quiet and traffic seemed to disappear.  For a short time in a Scottish pub,  it felt like we had been transported back 100 years.  Very happy with what we got.   Sometimes less really is more.