Wrecking the Rising

Pearse Burial Scene.  We didnt have a lot of time to shoot most of the scenes in this series so when a man has to fall into a grave you hope you get it in one with no injuries.  I used 2 sony F5 cameras on this.  One to cover the fall from side on, as its crucial to actually see the actor fall in order to sell the stunt.    James Phelan had written some great scenes and this one where our two hapless time travellers actually have to bury one of Irelands greatest patriots, before he has a chance to fulfil his destiny, was a lot of fun.   We decided early on that Sean and Tom should for the most part be seen in a two shot.  They are the comedy duo and most of their humour plays out in how they look at each other.  I felt we would lose a lot of improvisation and those little moments actors do off the cuff if we had to keep repeating it from different angles for coverage.  The actors loved the notion too, that they could play with the wider shots and be more physical.  For instance,  when I was deep down in the grave shooting the two shot looking up,  Sean jumped in.  We hadn't planned it but I was actually thinking it would be great if he did.  Maybe there was some mind reading going on but he jumped right into camera and Peter, without missing a beat, took a perfect position in the background and continued his lines.  We ended up getting what was supposed to be 4 shots in one.  I love those moments when the scene just grows organically into something better than you have planned, even if it did give the AD a heart attack.